Create a Powerful Personal Development Plan

Great for MBA Students and Young Professionals Looking to Advance Their Careers

The personal development process described below is a result of working with over 3,000 leaders across industries and levels of leadership over the past 20 years. It is personally delivered by an independent certified KornFerry professional who was a developer and leader of the “Disney University” and a Sr. VP of Human Resources for a large New York Stock Exchange organization with over 100,000 associates. The process has been developed leveraging the best practices of this experience.

Why is this assessment and Development planning process important?:


  1. 1. Self is the least valid rater. Particularly on people skills.
  2. 2. A major failure point is the individual’s inability to make successful transitions, such as moving from an individual contributor to a first level supervisor. It involves very different skill sets.
  3. 3. Learning Agility and Emotional Intelligence are the best 2 predictors of our ability to successfully make career transitions.
  1. 4. Follow through on assessments is where the process frequently derails. Until you practice and implement new knowledge, it is not of much value.
  2. 5. We have normative data to measure against.
  3. 6. We know that no one is great at every skill we will assess. What is most important, is to understand your handful of strengths and work on a combination of what is missing as well as the largest gaps between importance and skill.

Our Process - What you will experience.

Deliverables: What You Get by Working with Us

1. A report that includes how you rate on key leadership and behavioral skills that have been validated against future success. It will contain a breakdown of strengths, as well as average and below average skills. The report also includes:

  • A breakdown by rater group that helps you understand if you are communicating and managing up, down and across effectively.
  • Data on both skill and importance.
  • A report on both Hidden Strengths and Hidden Weaknesses.
  • A report on the skills that correlate to Emotional Intelligence.
  • A custom summary of your Learning Agility skills.
  • A Gap Analysis of Skill level vs. Importance
  • A report on Best Development needs.
  • How you score on potential career stallers such as Over Managing.
  • Critical rater comments.

2. A personal debrief and evaluation of the data by a certified KornFerry consultant. Accomplished in a telephone debrief.

3. Using KF software we can create a customized personal development plan that answers what it is about the skill that is holding you back, what is causing the skill to be unskilled and a discussion of potential solutions and actions. Your development plan can combine experiences you need, new habits and processes that need practice, new knowledge, possible books, classes, etc. You will receive a development plan through the email the same day.

Package Price:

$990.00 per participant. Intended participants include: MBA students, high potential individual contributors, Supervisors and Managers early in their careers. Includes assessment, debriefing time and the online development process that automatically generates the personal development plan.

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