Our research shows that the primary focus on Leadership Development needs to occur through providing stretch assignments – particularly those assignments that place the learner in situations where they are out of their comfort zones.

Our 70 – 20 – 10 model indicates that adults learn 70% of what they learn through their experiences, 20% through coaching, 360’s and other feedback processes and 10% through traditional learning including classroom training. One school of thought is that people should focus on their strengths only as the behavioral skill are simply too difficult to change. We belief that this is partially true in that there are some skills that are so “hard wired” the effort to learn them is simply too difficult. The research we have indicates that many of these skills can in fact be improved, however, it requires a focus on learning from experience and being learning agile.

Our Leadership Development Services:


Preferably through a confidential multi-rater 360. The importance of high self-awareness has emerged as a critical factor. The learner must own the developmental issue.


This includes the use of individual Mentors or outside Coaches. Coaching is available to Senior Managers and Executives. Our Coaching philosophy is to start with assessment, move to the creation of a targeted development plan that includes a focus on learning from experience and practicing new behaviors and/or processes. Coaching also requires debriefing new efforts and processes.


We now recommend cascading your Succession Planning process much deeper in the organization. We need to identify high potential talent earlier in their respective careers. We also need to move the accountability from HR to the individuals Manager with HR as a resource. We call the expanded process: “Talent Review”. The number of people reviewed needs to include high professionals, not just high potentials and we ask Managers to present their talent to a senior level leader two levels up from their current level.


Can be conducted in-house. Certifications on Korn Ferry assessments and product. Most are 2 day certifications.

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  • Selecting “Right”
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  • Building an in House University