“Your company values are the DNA of your culture.” For your values to flow through your organization, they must co-exist and not contradict each other or your desired culture. More importantly they must be aligned with how your organization operates and executes every day. That means making sure your policies, procedures and for that matter employees are aligned with your values. If your values intentionally flow through your organization and you have eliminated every potential contradiction, your culture will flow, through every element of your business. This will improve your chances of sustaining your culture even when changes in senior leadership occur. Find out how culture flow can improve your organization. 

Does your culture “flow”? How would you answer the following questions?

  • Have you tested your desired culture against marketplace preferences?
  • Do your leaders understand your organization’s values and how they provide guidance on carrying out their responsibilities every day?
  • Do you have any values that either give the perception of contradicting each other or require contradictory behaviors?
  • Have you assessed your leaders against your values? Have you aligned your selection of new hires with your values?
  • Would you turn an eye if a leader generates great financial results? Would you be willing to take them out at some point if there were driving away your talent?
  • How are culture, values and behaviors communicated to new associates at every level of the organization?
  • Have you considered what needs to be aligned to insure culture flow?
  • Have you educated your leaders in spotting cultural contradictions and acting quickly to make the necessary changes?

Most organizations we have observed work hard to create a Mission Statement and a set of Leadership Values. They proudly display both throughout their headquarters and regional locations. Ask yourself; if you believe this effort alone will create a strong cultural that is owned by every leader and every employee? Do you treat your customer facing associates with the same respect and dignity you expect them to exhibit with your customers?

The Mt. Rose Consulting Group follows a simple 4 phrase model in assisting you in building a strong cultural foundation that allows culture to flow naturally over time and most importantly pass the test of time.  Our process developed over time from our early experiences with the Disney organization to testing the transferability of the Disney culture and finally to working with over 100 organizations in a consulting role has lead us evolve this model over time.

Our culture flow model requires the following to be completed:

  1. Visualize how your preferred culture will be received with your constituents, including customers, employees, vendors. Answers the question; how will this play out in our market place. How are you going to communicate and obtain feedback form each of these critical groups? Does this need to be cascaded down the leadership levels. When would you start communicating this with new hires?
  2. Assessments. This typically would start with the CEO who is often the key to understanding the culture. We can deploy several assessments including a current state culture flow assessment, a team effectiveness survey and assess leaders against behavioral skills aligned with the values.
  3. Execution. Addresses the need to cascade the effort, while selecting some efforts that can be initiated immediately like selecting for values and designing a high-powered orientation for new hires. Train leaders to identify and correct contradictions, which we refer to as flow disruptions.
  4. A critical step required to insure sustainability and flow in deciding how to measure all aspects of the culture flowover time.

Please email or call us if this is an important challenge in your organization. We recommend an initial planning session to get acquainted and understand your organization and its’ particular needs. Chuck Shields, our President and Founder can be easily reached at 443 562 6421. His email is:  chuck@mountroseconsultinggroup.com.

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