A lot has been documented on the importance of culture.

Does culture make a difference?

Does it impact results?

Is it hard to change?

Culture evolves over time and is often driven by the entrepreneur who founded the organization. The founder usually possesses strong beliefs and values that over time become imbedded in the organization. If these are accredited to the company’s success they can become difficult to change. The word “alignment” is critical for those of us who are serious about this subject. It starts with a strategy, goals and values that support each other. If you need Innovation and change then you best start selecting for people who are naturally good at both.

Culture Flow for Your Organization

“Your company values are the DNA of your culture.” For your values to flow through your organization, they must co-exist and not contradict each other or your desired culture. More importantly they must be aligned with how your organization operates and executes every day.

Our Cultural Services:

  • We can help by facilitating the KF Strategic Effectiveness Architect (SEA) Assessment. This survey can help you reach a consensus on which organizational capabilities need your focus to insure the successful implementation your market place strategy.
  • This can be correlated to which skills your leadership team must be skilled in to execute the strategy. Create a leadership “Success Profile”.
  • You can then organize and start selecting for this talent.


Onboarding talent is critical. Most people decide if they have made the right decision within the first few weeks of employment. We can help you design an employee orientation and onboarding process that sets clear expectations and excites the new hire about their decision to join your organization. We can help you capture what is special about your organization, its goals, values, and historical milestones.
  • Do you operate with a focus on team or individual performance? We can conduct an employee survey on several factors that are needed to create a great synergistic team culture.
  • Most importantly we can design a strategy to become a great service organization leveraging the founders Disney experience.
  • All of this needs to be wrapped in a communication strategy that supports a strong culture. Internal communications is the responsibility of the Disney University.

Read the “The Disney Apprentice” available on Amazon to learn more about culture.