Maximizing your return on investment in Talent Management has become a smart business practice.

Recent research indicates that moving leaders one standard deviation in performance equates to a 39% increase in productivity. Even in the simplest of jobs this represents a 19% increase and in some jobs like sales this number exceeds 100%. Assessing and evaluating talent should become a HR best practice. We believe there are 3 critical assessments that should be administered for selecting all professional positions. Unfortunately, several of the many assessments available have not been validated.

Mt. Rose Consulting has been certified to administer the following assessments:


Talent Management
It starts with selecting the “right” talent for your organization. A good selection process can:
  1. Reduce turnover dramatically
  2. Increase productivity
  3. Improve team effectiveness and culture
Employee Orientation
A pre-screening process that provides a hire/no hire recommendation. We partner with Talent Plus, Inc. who has several industry and level specific selection screeners that have been validated against important personality characteristics that are predictive of success.
KornFerry’s structured behavioral event interviewing can be customized by industry, position level or even specific jobs. The power of this assessment is in its ability to help you drill down on skills important to success in the position.
Culture Change
For positions that require someone who is unusually adaptable and a quick learner we suggest that the final applicants are assessed on viaEDGE, a KornFerry assessment that assesses mental agility, people agility, change agility, results agility and self-awareness.


MRCG is authorized to certify you on KornFerry’s Voices 360 instrument. We have 20 years of experience working with this assessment and have developed strong protocols on how this assessment should be administered. It starts with a focus on confidentiality and the individuals’ strengths. We believe most people want to “fix” their lowest rated skills, but what if they are not that important in their current role? We believe it is a lot easier to take an average skill to a top skill than it is to take a bottom rated skill to excellence. The important question is what are the handful of top skills the individual needs to be a high performer? We can also help individual learners create a powerful targeted development plan. Follow up is the key to insure return on investment in this process and needs to involve the individual’s manger. Unlike performance management processes we suggest this process be repeated every two years. We provide feedback to learners both in person and over the telephone. Call us for volume pricing.


We operate our own outsourced Voices Survey Center. We can help you decide from several skills and career stallers, as well as select from several sub-reports. We provide our clients pdf copies or can print and mail the reports in color or black and white. We can include normative data, potential overuse and learner blind spots. We believe we provide superior customer service having started our careers with Disney. We operate our survey center 7 days a week. We do not charge any set up fees and have several pricing options depending on projected volume over the upcoming year. We can provide you with client recommendations upon request. Call us for volume pricing.


Similar with Employee Satisfaction Surveys, Engagement Surveys and Climate Surveys this online Assessment adds a focus on creating high performance teams. We have utilized this survey with a newly formed executive team and more recently with the Fire Department of City Government. The assessment includes seven sequential themes identified in high performance teams and asks raters both current and future state feedback. It is part climate, part engagement and part execution. Perfect for organizations who are working toward a strong team culture.


This assessment is designed to help learners understand their ability to learn from their experiences. It measures the individual’s ability to make smooth transitions and deal with high levels of change. The amount of learning agility needed varies greatly from organization to organization as well as job to job. Approximately 30% of the people in today’s organizations do not like change. Only 10% to 15% of people are leaning agile. The problem is the market place for learning agility is expanding faster than the supply as change continues to accelerate. This assessment can be utilized for Succession Planning and Selection.


Most of today’s organization have a strategic plan in place. Execution depends on having the key capabilities including talent to execute the strategy. This assessment focuses on identifying the current state of your capabilities and talent to drive your strategy.