“Creating peace-of-mind amongst all the noise”

Labor and employee relations issues facing business today are more complex and troublesome than ever before. The state of labor/employee relations today is much like that of the old mid-eastern Indian fable about the three blind men who encounter an elephant for the first time. One man discovers the trunk, the other the tail, and the third blind man discovers the elephant’s massive body. They proceed to argue all day about what they have found. At the end of the day they conclude that the animal is truly much larger and more complex than what they originally felt, individually. Advanced Labor Consulting will help you see the entire animal and develop solutions to fix your complex people problems and create a culture most conducive to success.


Our mission is to help clients maximize a return on their human capital investment by developing sound proactive labor/employee relations and collective bargaining practices that will enable them to conduct their business without third party intervention over time.
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Advanced labor Consulting provides the following services:

  • Provide mediation/dispute resolution services
  • Administer Union vulnerability surveys and management audits
  • Administer employee satisfaction and engagement surveys
  • Develop approaches to enhance the union decertification process
  • Manage corporate response to union campaigns, pre/post-petition
  • Perform direct persuader functions and activities
  • Create employee relations action plans, pre/post-election
  • Chief spokesperson for collective bargaining with labor unions
  • Prepare new and revise existing employee handbooks and HR policies
  • Supervisory/Management Training Workshops:
  • National Labor Relations Act
  • Union avoidance practices
  • Positive employee relations
  • Team building
  • Employee motivation
  • Communication
  • Conflict management
  • Coaching/counseling/discipline
  • Workplace diversity

What we can offer our clients
Over 35 years of significant management experience in labor and employee relations in many industries, to include:

  • Long term care
  • Assisted living
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Transportation
  • Food distribution
  • Light and heavy manufacturing
  • Electrical utilities

Selected Accomplishments:

  1. 1. Achieved a 98% success rate in stopping union card-signing organizing (pre-petition)
  2. 2. Achieved a 95% success rate in defeating unions (post-petition) in representation and decertification elections in multiple industries.
  3. 3. Designed and conducted union avoidance, employee motivation, team building and other related management training workshops to more than 2500 managers and supervisors in multiple industries. Considered subject matter expert. Consistently received excellent participant ratings and callbacks.
  4. 4. Implemented proactive employee relations initiatives that resulted in a 50% drop in employee and management turnover in the long-term care industry over a 3-year period, which remains the industry standard today.
  5. 5. Created culture change in multiple long-term care organizations that enabled them to remain union free or reduce the number of unionized locations.
  6. 6. Chief negotiator for the past 30 years in collective bargaining with the SEIU, UFCW, Teamsters, 1199 and 1115, UAW, HERE, Steelworkers, IBEW and AFSCME unions.
  7. 7. First contract/concession bargaining with the SEIU and Steelworkers unions.
  8. 8. Negotiated first “give back” contract in the history of the Steelworkers Union.
  9. 9. Past union member with EUEU/IBEW and Carpenters/Jointers Union.
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