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Helping Our Clients Build Customer Service focused Cultures with the Right Talent

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Talent Management

Culture Change

Create a strong culture using proven strategies developed by Chuck Shields, one of the founders of the Disney University.

  • Become a great service organization
  • Develop a successful onboarding process
  • Learn how to select the right talent
Talent Management System


Learn how to select the right talent for your organization using our proven assessment tools and techniques.

  • Reduce turnover dramatically
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve team effectiveness and culture
Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Develop your leadership skills with personalized programs created specifically for senior managers and executives.

  • Confidential Feedback
  • Coaching
  • Succession Planning
  • Workshops

Who We Are

Mount Rose Consulting Groups brings over 40 years of cumulative experience to the field of Human Resources and Talent Management. With a unique background of corporate experience, Chuck Shields brings a refreshing outlook to the world of consulting. As one of the original founders of the Disney University, Chuck is also the author of "The Disney Apprentice" and has worked on the executive teams at Manor Care and Choice Hotels, where he implemented many of the same programs he uses in his consulting practice today.

Our Services

  • Culture Change
  • Assessments
  • Leadership Development

What We Do

With experience that spans across several industries and executive teams, our consulting services are truly unique. Chuck avoids the common error of flavor of the month by providing integrated and aligned solutions that are customized to fit range
of businesses. We help clients obtain the following measurable goals:

  • Raising the talent bar
  • Talent retention
  • Moving culture
  • Increased productivity
  • Direct financial results

Mount Rose Consulting Group
Over 40 Years of Creativity, Expertise, and Talent

Employee Orientation
Integrate Entire Talent Management Systems

Make long-term changes in culture by working with us an extension of your team. We come in and partner with your organization to raise the talent bar.

Employee Selection
Individual Personalized Development Plans

We work closely with clients to raise the talent bar over time. By working with senior management, we are able to make sure everything they are doing effects the outcome of the organization.

Customer Service
Top Expert in Building Behavioral Competency Profiles

Build a profile indicating which behavioral skills you want in your top leaders. You can build separate profiles by management level that will help predict success and high performance.

Change Management
Customized Solutions for Talent Management Challenges

Corporations, private companies, governmental agencies, and non-profits can benefit from personalized coaching that addresses their individualized needs.

The Disney Apprentice
By Chuck Shields

From his start as a submarine captain in Disneyland during the summer of 1967, until his final years with Disney as a vice president of Imagineering, Chuck Shields discovered the methods behind the magic. In his long-awaited book, he tells you how to put those methods to work for your organization.

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  • A quick read with valuable insights on what made one of America’s favorite companies so great: a never ending focus on People. Reading about these principles applied to different companies in industries from technology to hospitality is fascinating and enlightening. A great read.

    Much More than HR
  • I have had the opportunity to work with Chuck as his client on and off for the past 12 years. The Disney Apprentice provides great insights and examples of how to build your business by investing in your people. The Lessons Learned are practical and can be applied to any industry. I highly recommend this book.

    A quick read, full of solid ideas told in stories. Walt himself would have been proud!
  • Great leadership book with many lessons to be learned! Enjoyed it so much that I bought 10 more copies to share with my Leadership Team.

    Great leadership book with many lessons to be learned

Mary Jo Shields

As Director of our Voices multi-rater survey center Mary Jo provides Mt. Rose Consulting Group clients the unique ability to outsource the Lominger Voices and Development Tracker survey instruments.

Chuck Shields

Chuck Shields, Mount Rose Consulting Group

As founder and President of Mount Rose Consulting Group Inc., Chuck has been a leader in talent management from his early days with Disney where he managed talent acquisition (casting) and was one of the early founders of the Disney University.

Lisa Shields

Lisa's role as Director of Marketing she directs the design of all marketing materials, assists in the coordination of group events and insures our clients are kept current on our product and service offerings.

Guest Speaker

Chuck is available to share much of his book and examples of how these time proven best practices can be utilized in your organizations, regardless of size.

Design and facilitate leadership Off Sites

Chuck can work with your team on a variety of subject including developing a culture of high performance teams.